Planning & Conservation

All Stretton Village Society’s Role in Planning

All Stretton is in the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and much of the village sits within the Conservation Area; both of these designations mean that we are under more stringent planning considerations. Of note the village society is not a statutory consultee for planning purposes, that role is held at the Parish level by Church Stretton Town Council. As such we comment on applications on a non statutory basis and our views are taken into consideration by Church Stretton Town Council as they formulate their response, and by Shropshire County Council when they make thier planning determinations.

Your Involvement & Public Consultation

The Village Society is here to represent the interests of the village and villagers so please do approach us if you have any concerns regarding a planning situation; we will take action accordingly. Equally you’re encouraged to make comments directly to Shropshire Council in writing or on their website (  Again we can assist you in doing so if asked.

From time to time, major planning issues arise and a public consultations may be initiated. The All Stretton Village Society will canvass villager’s views in such instances and forward them onto the town and county councils.

Recent submissions can be found here:

Montgomery waters expansion and lorry park. 24/00965/OUT Results of the residents survey are below. Thankyou to all who responded for your input, which has been given to the town council and will be represented to Shropshire Council when they make their determination.

Church Stretton Parish Council upgrade of Children’s play park. Click here to contribute or read more

ASVS and other local groups help reverse a contentious planning decision

Planning Policy Documents

The All Stretton Village Society has prepared a planning policy documents and guidelines of relevance to our village which seeks to identify the aspects that developments in the area should conform to. The current policy can be found here. xxx insert link xxx

Planning Decisions

Shropshire Council is determines all planning applications; past and present applications can be found on the Shropshire Council’s website (see Each application has details of all the plans. and any objections / consultations.

All Stretton Conservation Area